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My diary........... > 'article'

воскресенье, 5 декабря 2010 г.
Stonehenge it`s the most ancient an... Sophi 15:10:42
Stonehenge it`s the most ancient and mysterios building. It`s in England, in Wiltshire. Legends connect Stonehenge with the name Merlin. Who is builded Stonehenge? Nobody don`t know, scientists have hypothesis, that builders were romans or germans or druids. The name of this building consists on two words. «Stone», because it builded from stone. And «henge» means the type of architectural prehistoric land building. Stonehenge consists on fourth large stone circlies. The professor of astronomy Gerarg Hopkins thinks, that Stonehenge it`s astronomical obsevatory of ancient people, that helped them to calculate position of the Moon, the Sun and stars in different time of year… And so may to tell infinitely. Therefore, Stonehenge was builded by people for somebody targets, and may some time we will devine this secter…

Категории: 'article', Stonehenge
четверг, 8 июля 2010 г.
The article of Haio MiadzakiHaio Mi... Sophi 12:53:12
The article of Haio Miadzaki
Haio Miadzaki.
H.Miadzaki was born on 5 january 1941.He is one of the most famous and respectful producers in the history of animation.Together with Isao Takahana they have founded the studio "Chibli". Miadzaki have created many of anime and manga. His films are devoted to the theme in about relations of humanity with nature and technologies.

Категории: 'article', Haio Miadzaki
понедельник, 5 июля 2010 г.
Article of shamanism. I have always... Sophi 09:24:13
Article of shamanism.
I have always been attractive to the cult of shamans. After reading a few books that I have been unable to find in our library, I realized that in our time, shamanism, as a separate religion adopted, but the reviews are not as good. Rather, it believed, moeniestvom charlatanism. This is not my opinion and say many research scientists. They argue that the shaman was insane and nervous people who manage their disease, that is, their will cause seizures or so-called Trans, ecstasy. Let this religion, research scientists, depends on the mentally ill, but she gave impetus to the further development of the consciousness of people ...

Категории: ~shamanism~, 'article'
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My diary........... > 'article'

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